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Is your dog your soulmate?

February 14, 20205 minute read

Yes, dogs are awesome and definitely a man’s best friend! But can a dog be your soulmate?

Most people believe that soulmates are always romantic connections but that it’s not always the case. Soulmates can make up other relationships in our lives such as family members, friends or pets.

Soulmate relationships

We come across many soulmates during our lives.

A soulmate is a soul you can completely be yourself with. A soul with whom you are able to share unconditional love and when you look into their eyes you have the feeling of “being home.” A soulmate comes from the same soul group that your soul comes from.  

You can share different lifetimes with some soulmates, for instance, a soulmate may be a boyfriend in one lifetime and a sibling or a pet in another one.

Soulmate relationships usually have the purpose of teaching us important lessons such as self-love and unconditional love.

If we allow them to show us, and we listen to them, trust them and respect them, we will learn the important messages our furry best friends want to share with us. ​

Unconditional love

Some married women with pets say they get more emotional support from their pets than from their husbands. There’s actual a study on that which can sound funny but also show how deep and unmatched the support of an animal can be. It indicates that, when that human-animal bond is strong, it is difficult for a human to compete with that kind of love.

This is because pets usually offer the unconditional love, human cannot find in each other. 

Dogs are good examples of unconditional love as they can actually be our best friends, chose to spend their lives with us, help us heal when we are sad or sick, and love us no matter what happens.

They love and accept us unconditionally!

Human – animal energetic connection

As you know, we’re all made of energy and we’re all connected.

But did you know that animals can mirror you in mind, body and spirit? Yes, they can reflect us.

When we are in denial, disconnected, in pain or ill, our emotional wounds are deep beneath the surface of our subconscious mind. The world around us, our animals and our children, can feel this energy and mirror these issues back to us by acting out or reacting to our distress.

Chernak McElroy talks about this in her book called Animals as Teachers and Healers. In it she describes how pets may also suffer from the same pain or illness that you do. She tells her story about how her dog had the same rare cancer she came down with and how he teached her how to survive the disease. She also collects other people’s stories about how their animals mirrored them in some way. 

Can a dog be your soulmate?

A lot of people wonder if their dog or pet is their soulmate and you can even find this question at online forums such as this one on Quora Do any of you feel a spiritual connection with your dog or pet?

Some people who have had multiple pets will describe the relationship with one pet as being particularly close. That could be a soulmate as animal souls can come from the same soul group that you come from as well.

However, not every pet is a soulmate, just as not every friend or relative feels like a soulmate, but when you have one, you will know it! There is a special connection that is undeniable.

Dog soulmate

Signs your dog is a soulmate

So, do you have a dog soulmate? If you’re wondering if your dog is your soulmate, here are some signs to help you find out.

The eye contact

In today’s world, eye contact can be seen as a challenge in some social environments, but in loving relationships, it’s a sign of trust and love. Think about when you’re nervous or intimidated by another person, you might have trouble looking them in the eye, but if you trust them and want to show respect, you’ll do it easily. The same happens with dogs.

According to some studies, dogs who gaze at their owners show elevated levels of oxytocin, and the owners experience raised oxytocin levels, as well. In other words, gazing at each other starts a feedback cycle of love and might be a sign that your dog is your soulmate.

They listen when you speak and come when you call

Responsiveness is one of the biggest signs that you and your dog have a special deep bond. If your dog listens to you when you speak, and obeys the commands you give, it shows that they’re deeply connected to you.

They mirror your energy

If you are stressed they suddenly become more agitated as well. This is because of the strong energetic bond between you. Start paying attention when your dog mirrors your change in vibration.

They have the same health issues

Your dog developed a specific health condition that you suffer from. This is an interesting fact that many pet owners report happened in their lives.

They triggered healthy changes in yourself

Since you met your dog, you became more loving, healthier and happier. You became more conscious of how animals are treated and might have even became vegetarian or vegan.


So, my dog is my soulmate, is your dog your soulmate? Take some time today to make a list of all the soulmates you already have in your life and think about ways to let them know how important they are to you.

Appreciate all the love you already have in your life, including the love of your dog and spread more love to the World!


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Love and light x

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