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Twin Flames

Twin Flame vs Soulmate

August 15, 202010 minute read

Twin flame vs soulmate, that’s the eternal dilemma! Soulmates and twin flames encounters and relationships are part of our consciousness evolution journey. These connections can assume many different forms over the course of many lifetimes. But what’s the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate?

They both have very meaningful purposes in our lives and guide us on the path through evolution. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion between the two, and many people are not sure if they have met their twin flame or their soulmate. Most of the time we only realize which type of connection we had, long after it’s over.

If you’re wondering whether you’ve met your twin flame or your soulmate, there are many tell-tale signs but ultimately you will feel it once you learn to go within, silence your mind and listen to your heart.

In this article, I will give you my personal perspective on this topic according to my experience and also a lot of research.

So let’s talk about the difference between twin flames and soulmates.


A soulmate is someone who you connect with on a deep level. They come in many different forms, for instance a close friendship who shares a deep personal understanding of each other.

It can also be a family member, a neighbour, a romantic partner or even your pet. Check out the article “Is your dog your soulmate?”.

The thing about soulmates is that you do not have just one soulmate, you can have quite a few! 

Many of your soulmates have been with you in past lives, and when given a chance to come to Earth again, together you decide to find each other and meet. That is why there is a feeling of having known them before. Sometimes you just click immediately! You enjoy so much being around them and you can’t even understand why. When you are together you set each other alight and you just make sense together whether it be friendship or romantic relationship. You don’t seem to be able to explain why you feel that way as sometimes it looks like there’s no logical reason behind it. That’s because you have met them in the spiritual world but are meeting for the first time in the physical world.

Before coming into this plane, you also agree to learn specific lessons from specific soulmates.

The purpose of a soulmate relationship is to facilitate personal growth. For instance, you can find yourself in an abusive relationship where you have to learn how to stand up for yourself and develop self-love. Another example would be you meeting someone that is so loving and caring that will teach you how to trust people and love again.

If you have a soulmate pet, this would be another example of how a soulmate can change your life. A dog for instance, is able to teach you unconditional love, even when you have your ups and downs. You can learn a lot from dog soulmates.

When it comes to romantic soulmates, it can feel as if you are both lovingly entwined and have a powerful and dynamic bond that enhances your lives.

A soulmate relationship is beautiful when you are both resonating at the same love energy frequency level and share similar dreams, values and goals.

Soulmates can change your life, whether through love and kindness or through pain and trauma. They will help you evolve and bring you closer to your authentic self, whether you both are consciously aware of it or not. You simply embark on a self-development journey to become your greatest version. 

Soulmates usually come into your life to shake things up, wake you up, and prepare you for life.

Whatever the lesson you learn from a broken soulmate relationship, it will help you gather the knowledge you need for your next soulmate connection until you reach the vibrational frequency that will allow you to live in harmony with yourself and with someone else.

Twin Flames

Some people believe that twin flames are souls who were split apart into two halves, one representing the masculine and the other representing the feminine energy. They are said to be constantly searching for each other.

However, this doesn’t mean that these souls are incomplete or missing any pieces. Every soul is complete and whole.

While you can have many soulmates, you only have one twin flame and you may or may not encounter them in every lifetime. It always depends on the lessons you need to learn at a specific point of your consciousness evolution journey. Usually, when twin flames get together, it is for spiritual work, there is a purpose behind it.  When twin flames unite, a huge amount of creative energy is released, to be used to fulfill their shared mission.

Meeting a twin flame is an unexpected and life-altering moment! It kick-starts a completely new chapter in your life.

Although it’s very challenging, it is possible to have a romantic relationship with a twin flame, but the purpose of this union is much greater and is beyond this earthly plane.

Despite the failure or success of your romantic twin flame relationship, this will for sure be the most intense love story of your life!

Twin Flames intensity levels are at such a high vibrancy level and depth, causing an outstanding sense of extreme knowing, trusting and synchronicity. There are powerful and magnetic pulls between the two souls that keep them together once they have met and they can’t simply explain why they feel so connected to each other. Many twins describe it as having a feeling of “being at home”.

Twin flame relationships are usually not easy and often you meet when one twin is not ready for a relationship (or is already in another one), while the other twin is more ready and spiritually evolved. These connections usually leave you feeling ungrounded and destabilised as they cause immense pain, more intense than you ever felt in any other connection. Check out the article “Twin flame separation pain – why does it hurt so much?

As your twin flame serves as a mirror of you, through their issues, you can see your own soul. As your mirror, they reflect to you your weaknesses but also your greatest strengths. Your relationship will help you understand more about yourself which will bring on a lot of personal growth and transformation.

This dynamic can be highly charged and uncomfortable and usually one of the twins – the twin flame runner – will run away (it’s called the “runner and chaser stage” in the twin flame relationship), in response to not wanting to deal with their issues and feeling triggered by the twin flame chaser. More often than not, they will find it easier to part ways than to do the inner work as these connections propel us into shadow work and deep self-discovery.

A twin flame relationship can be very volatile, sometimes you’ll come together for a short period of time, only to say goodbye to each other again. That’s because you feel so attracted to each other’s energy, but then your fears take charge and you run away. As a twin runs away, it is only running away from themselves which means they have a lot more growing to do.

Distance and time will also not change anything about the magnitude of a twin flame connection. On the contrary, as you grow and work on yourself, you become more energetically aligned with each other, and you may feel an even stronger bond. Many twin flames can’t explain why often they feel this mysterious pull without any logical reason behind it. Many even develop telepathic communication abilities and can feel what their twin is feeling.

As you see, twin flame relationships are not the easiest ones but they are the quickest way to wake you up, remind you of who you are and challenge you to fully accept yourself and realise your true potential.

There is no guarantee that you’ll ever end up in union with your twin flame as this is only possible when both twins learn how to love themselves and how to live authentically. Moreover, this does not mean that you are incomplete without your twin flame, or that if you don’t meet your twin flame in this lifetime it was a waste of time, no! A twin flame relationship is simply one of many paths to help you expand your consciousness.

Difference between twin flame and soulmate

The main difference between a twin flame and a soulmate is their purpose. Soulmate relationships are more focused on personal growth, whereas twin flames focus on raising the vibration and expanding the consciousness for the entire planet through the fulfillment of a shared mission. Soulmate relationships are often more experienced on a mind, body and soul level, whereas twin flame relationships are experienced on a mind, body, soul and universal level with a purpose to serve others.

Twin flame relationships are the most powerful ones you can experience in this lifetime, however, it may take years before you’ve aligned your frequency and come into physical union. No matter what happens, keep in mind that you’ll never be separated from them, you are always connected in higher dimensions.

It looks like nowadays everyone is looking for their twin flame as there is a misconception that it’s a better relationship than a soulmate connection. This could not be further from the truth.

Soulmate relationships are actually much easier than twin flame relationships. When issues come up with a soulmate, it is easier to move through them quickly and without much pain involved.

Twin flame love is about everything but romance. It’s like going on a fast-track evolution without being offered much time to catch the breath. It triggers the deepest wounds that you didn’t even know existed in you. Trying to solve an issue with your twin flame can make you feel as if you’re losing your mind sometimes.

The twin flame separation pain is so intense and the magnetic pull between the twins is always there on a strong level unlike with soulmates, where the magnetic pull often changes in strength.

Check out the twin flame healing and reconciliation meditation.

❤ Twin Flames Guided Meditation ❤


The ultimate way to find out if you’re in a soulmate or twin flame relationship is to follow your own intuition and what feels right to you.

Also remember that it doesn’t really matter what type of relationship you are in as long as it feels good to you.

All unconditional forms of love are no better or worse than each other. They all bring their own unique gifts and lessons and help you on your consciousness evolution journey.

Love and light x

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