Spirituality is catching up very fast with the world. Though it is based on walking the path of enlightenment, it is not altogether a religion or a cult. Spirituality transcends religion, caste and creed. It is love, awareness, cosmic harmony and balance.

Every soul has a personal imprint that defines his spiritual characteristic more accurately. 

Archetypes are characteristics that you are born with.

You entire life is charted out at your behest before you enter the Earth world and this remains as a blueprint of your soul for that particular lifetime. Your spiritual agenda is chalked out, and the behavioural patterns are instilled in your subconscious. Though the memory of your sacred Agenda is lost to your outer self, your Higher Self who holds your blueprint is ever leading you in the right direction.

At various phases of your life you are intuitively guided to follow your inner call, which ultimately leads to your divine purpose in life.

However, knowing your archetype can probably increase your ability to lead a more wholesome life. It helps you to make conscious decisions in life and help you live on healthier terms with the people around you. Your awareness of your archetype helps you move around in life with greater confidence and clarity towards your goal.

Spiritual Archetypes

Some of the spiritual archetypes are as follows:


You are instinctively drawn to learning various spiritual healing modalities and techniques. There is that inner assurance that you can heal with your inner power. Moreover, it is the desire to help relieve the pain and discomfort of people that makes you want to be a healer. There is nothing more gratifying to than to see people abounding with greater health and prosperity.


Hermits are the advanced spiritualists who renounce the worldly life to seek God in the solitude of the wilderness. Here they spend their lives away in deep, transcendental meditation and self-sacrifice, braving the wind and weather and other stringent conditions of the wilds, with complete mastery over their mind.


A person who lives in the footsteps of his Guru or Prophet for the sake of his spiritual upliftment. He draws inspiration and guidance from his Master in his effort to attain self-realisation.


These are the saints and messiahs who are endowed with higher spiritual knowledge, power and wisdom. They come to Earth to help raise the consciousness of mankind and to remind man of his true connection with the Almighty by showing them the right Path to salvation.


A yogi is a practitioner of yoga, which is not just about pranayama (breathing exercises) and asanas (yoga postures), but is a way of life which necessitates rigid discipline in your daily life. Yoga is a practice where the body and mind work in co-ordination with each other. A yogi aims to purify the mind in order to achieve liberation (moksha), uniting himself with the universal Soul and thus becoming one with the Absolute Consciousness.


Mediumship is about working as an intermediary between this dimension and the dimensions beyond. In this, the spiritual-medium communicates the beings on the other side via automatic-writing, voice-channeling, and other methods of occultism. The purpose of a spiritual-medium is to transmit higher knowledge from the Beings of Light and spread it to the masses so as to promote spiritual-awakening in the world.


A mystic is usually psychic, and uses his higher faculties to expand his consciousness to reach the Heart of the Almighty. He believes in the power of Love and that Love is the driving-force coursing through the being of every individual. The aims of a mystic are wholly transcendental and spiritual, urging him to establish his conscious relation with the Absolute.

 Do you recognise any of these characteristics in you? Let us know.