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Quiz: What Is Your Spirit Animal?

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Quiz - What Is Your Spirit Animal

The concept of a “spirit animal” is rooted in various cultural traditions and represents an animal that embodies the qualities or characteristics that we most resonate with or aspire to. Some people believe that their spirit animal is a guide or protector, while others simply find inspiration and meaning in the characteristics of their chosen animal. This quiz is designed to help you discover your own spirit animal based on your values, approach to challenges, attitude towards change, and personal interests and qualities that you admire.



  1. Read through the following questions and choose the answer that best describes you.
  2. After completing all the questions, add up the number of times you chose each letter (a, b, c, etc.). The letter that you chose the most will correspond to the spirit animal that best matches your characteristics.
  3. If you have a tie between two or more letters, you may have more than one spirit animal or you may want to consider which animal resonates with you the most.



1. What do you value most in life?


a) Independence and freedom

b) Harmony and balance

c) Power and success

d) Creativity and self-expression

e) Adventure and novelty

f) Security and stability

g) Community and connection

h) Compassion and empathy


2. How do you typically approach problems or challenges?


a) Head on and with determination

b) Carefully and with a plan

c) By seeking the help of others

d) By using my intuition and going with the flow

e) By taking risks and trying new things

f) By sticking to what I know and trust

g) By considering the needs and perspectives of others

h) By looking for peaceful, win-win solutions


3. How do you react to change?


a) I embrace it and see it as an opportunity for growth

b) I resist it at first, but eventually adapt

c) I prefer a stable, predictable environment

d) It depends on the specific circumstances

e) I thrive on change and seek it out

f) I am uncomfortable with change and try to avoid it

g) I am flexible and adaptable, but also considerate of others’ needs and feelings

h) I am sensitive to change and try to minimize its impact on myself and others


4. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?


a) Being active and exploring the outdoors

b) Relaxing and practicing self-care

c) Learning and acquiring new knowledge or skills

d) Socializing and being with others

e) Trying new things and having new experiences

f) Having a set routine and structure

g) Helping others and making a positive impact

h) Reflecting and connecting with my inner self


5. What qualities do you admire most in others?


a) Courage and determination

b) Kindness and compassion

c) Intelligence and wit

d) Creativity and uniqueness

e) Confidence and self-assurance

f) Dependability and reliability

g) Inclusiveness and acceptance

h) Humility and open-mindedness


Here are some possible spirit animals based on your answers:


If you mostly chose a) Independence and freedom: 

Your spirit animal might be the eagle, symbolizing strength, vision, and the ability to soar above challenges.


If you mostly chose b) Harmony and balance: 

Your spirit animal could be the deer, representing grace, sensitivity, and the ability to adapt to changing environments.


If you mostly chose c) Power and success: 

Your spirit animal might be the lion, symbolizing leadership, confidence, and the ability to assert oneself.


If you mostly chose d) Creativity and self-expression: 

Your spirit animal could be the dolphin, representing playfulness, intelligence, and the ability to communicate and connect with others.


If you mostly chose e) Adventure and novelty: 

Your spirit animal might be the fox, representing cleverness, adaptability, and the ability to find creative solutions to problems.


If you mostly chose f) Security and stability: 

Your spirit animal could be the bear, representing strength, grounding, and the ability to weather challenges and difficult times.


If you mostly chose g) Community and connection: 

Your spirit animal might be the wolf, symbolizing loyalty, teamwork, and the ability to work towards a common goal.


If you mostly chose h) Compassion and empathy: 

Your spirit animal could be the rabbit, representing sensitivity, intuition, and the ability to approach challenges with grace and resilience.


Remember, these are just suggestions based on your responses to the quiz. Ultimately, the spirit animal that resonates with you the most is the one that truly represents your unique qualities and characteristics. You may find that you identify with different spirit animals at different times in your life, depending on your personal growth and experiences. Whether you discover your spirit animal through this quiz or through your own personal journey, we hope that you find meaning and inspiration in the animal that resonates with you the most.

Love and light x


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