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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Leuviah

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Who is Angel Leuviah?

The guardian angel Leuviah, also known as the “God who rescues sinners” embodies blessings, grace, strength and intellectual abilities. Leuviah can help you if you are going through memory issues or dealing with difficult people. Leuviah has the power of letting go from what doesn’t serve anymore and starting fresh. This angel supports with getting absolved from mistakes and finding balance.

Ask for Leuviah’s help if you need to discover the meaning of the difficulties you encounter and make fair and wiser decisions.

Guardian Angel Leuviah Planets

Saturn and Jupiter

Guardian Angel Leuviah Element


Guardian Angel Leuviah Zodiac Sign

Cancer: People born between June 22nd and 26th   

Guardian Angel Leuviah Symbolism

Leuviah is the Angel of:

  • Letting go
  • Abandonment
  • Blessings

Guardian Angel Leuviah Powers

Angel Leuviah can help you with:

  • Surrendering
  • Letting go
  • Protection from loss of intellectual abilities
  • Protection from toxic or difficult people
  • Keeping a good memory
  • Controlling emotions
  • Starting something new
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Being brave and strong
  • Making fair decisions
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