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Letter to my Twin Flame

March 8, 20202 minute read

I love you!

I love that you used to love me too.

I am grateful for all the beautiful smiles, goose bumps and butterflies.

I am also grateful for the day my heart was broken into a million pieces and I dived deep into the dark night of the soul. That was the trigger I had been waiting for all my life without even knowing – the trigger to awakening. The trigger to unconditional love.

I wish I could tell you how grateful I am for the role you played in our soul contract. I wish you knew that I don’t hate you. There’s no such thing as hate, only love, unconditional love, for you, myself and everyone else.

I wish that you could love yourself too. I wish that you were awake. But I know that you are not and I don’t judge you for that. I understand that everyone is at a different stage on their own soul journey and we all have different lessons to learn.

I hope that one day you can connect to your higher self and start following your soul’s purpose. As a twin flame, a soulmate or any other label you can think of, you came here on a mission to help other people awake and support the Earth with raising its vibration. Your mission is so much more than what you can see right now.

I wish I could help you see it but I can’t wake you up. The best I can do is to focus on my mission, focus on my consciousness evolution journey.

I release any desire of controlling the potential outcome of our connection in the 3D.

I love you but I am whole on my own and free to be the best version of me. This new version has accepted the mission and is ready to do the inner work in order to help the collective.

I realise that my thoughts create my reality and I wake up happy every day and full of love.

I love you but I let you go.

Love and Light x

Twin Flames Guided Meditation – Healing And Reconciliation Meditation

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