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Why do lightworkers feel so lonely

May 6, 20229 minute read

“No one understands me. Everyone thinks I am weird. I can’t fit in. I feel alone in this world.” Many people will resonate with these thoughts as loneliness is a big problem in the modern societies. However, for lightworkers and starseeds, loneliness can reach even higher levels and take control of their lives if they are not able to transcend it.

Feeling different, isolated, and lonely is such a common struggle for these beautiful souls that some end up deciding to separate themselves from society and living very private and quiet lives in order to deal with the inability to blend in. This leads to even more loneliness.

So, why do lightworkers feel so lonely?

In this article, we will look at the causes of the lightworkers’ loneliness as well as ways to overcome it.


Lightworkers loneliness causes


Missing home

One of the main causes of loneliness in lightworkers is the fact that just like starseeds, they are used to a different energy frequency and vibration (check out The Hawkins scale of vibration) from their previous lives in different planets and star systems which were much lighter than the ones we experience here on Earth, in the 3D.

Many lightworkers are homesick.

It is not easy to be confined in a physical body and live among such heavy and dense energies.

It feels unnatural to them, and a struggle to adjust to the way of living in this planet.


Empathic skills

Lightworks are often empaths as well, making them highly sensitive to other people’s energies. They can easily connect to what others are feeling and absorb their energies like a sponge. Many lightworkers are actually energy transmuter lightworkers and are here to help transmuting negative and heavy energies on the planet.

For this reason, it is easy to pick up on other people’s loneliness. It can be from their friends, family, co-workers, etc.

If the lightworker has not done the inner work and learned how to deal with their gifts in an empowering way, then they will start carrying these heavy energies within them, instead of releasing and transmuting.

This means that in many cases, lightworkers may feel a loneliness that is not theirs, they take on this burden from others.


Lack of acceptance

Another cause of loneliness is blaming themselves for being different instead of honoring their gifts. Basically, not accepting themselves.

Lightworkers often think that because they have many gifts such as empathic skills or clair gifts, they are some type of “weirdos” and there is something wrong with them.

Society teaches us at a very young age that if we do things differently from the norm, then we have a problem or we are not good citizens. Everyone is supposed to learn the same thing at school and live a similar life to everyone else. If we decide to take a different path, then we are often judged by others or put aside by society.

So, the obvious solution appears to be trying to look and act like everybody else, otherwise we will be completely alone.

This is one of the worse thoughts a lightworker can have and it leads to sadness and loneliness.

The real issue is not being different, it is instead not accepting ourselves. Not accepting our gifts as a privilege and something beautiful and powerful can suppress one’s real identity.


Living a double life

When lightworkers are unable to be themselves and show their true identity, they can feel as if they are living a double life. There are two different versions of themselves, the one that they create and use in their daily lives to feel accepted by society and their true self which is repressed.

Many lightworkers end up spending a lot of their time with people they call friends but who they feel they have nothing in common with. They might even pretend that they have certain interests or hobbies that they don’t even like. This is a mechanism to try to fit in.

They do the same in romantic relationships. They will often end up with partners with whom they don’t feel they are being 100% honest as they repress their own needs and interests, for instance in spirituality. They fear that by sharing their gifts such as clair gifts with their partners, they will not accept them, and they will leave them feeling lonely.

Lightworkers end up feeling lonely anyway, even in a relationship, because they feel like they are living a double life.


Difficult environments

Lightworkers are usually born in problematic and tough environments which can lead to loneliness. More often than not, they will have to deal with difficult families and tough life experiences.

Even though it may sound harsh, this has a logic reason behind it. Lightworkers are placed in certain locations and environments so that they can learn the necessary lessons for their consciousness evolution journey, as well as fulfill their lightworker mission.

Think about it, if a lightworker was sent to a place where everything is nice and perfect, what difference would their work make? Lightworkers are here with a mission to help the planet.


How to overcome lightworkers loneliness


If you are a lightworker suffering from loneliness, then there are some things you can do to help you overcome it and live a happy and fulfilled life. Let’s look at some of them.


Find your soul tribe

The first thing you can do is to find your soul tribe. By soul tribe we mean people that are a vibrational match to your frequency. This might sound hard but nowadays thanks to the internet and the changes in the planetary frequency, there are many spiritual awakening triggers around us. So, more and more people are having a spiritual awakening and realizing that they are lightworks and infinite spiritual beings having a human experience.

This is a beautiful thing as it is now easier than before to connect with these people online, and build your own local spiritual communities, where lightworkers can join forces and work together to help humanity and the planet.

Connecting with like minded people will completely change your life and dissipate any feelings of loneliness.


Learn from other lightworkers

Another important action to take is to start learning from other lightworkers and their life experiences. Read books from famous lightworkers like Eckhart Tolle and see great examples of people who have felt outsiders and were able to overcome their challenges and loneliness as well as having a huge impact in the world.


Raise your vibration

This is super important as we are made of energy, energy is all that is! One of the reasons why lightworkers come to this planet is to evolve in consciousness and in order to achieve that, raising their vibration is key. So, how can we raise our vibration? First of all, check out The Hawkins scale of vibration to find out where you are. Then try a daily meditation practice or engage in activities that give you joy such as listening to music, painting, writing or whatever you feel guided to do. You can try one of our free meditations on YouTube.


Connect with your higher self

To stop feeling lonely you need to connect with your soul – your higher self. You need to learn how to follow your intuition and listen to your inner guidance. If you are not connected to your higher self you will be constantly missing signs and synchronicities that are sent your way to guide and support you.

So, how do you connect with your soul? By learning how to be present in every moment of your life. This is something that meditation can teach you. By being present, you are aware of what is going on inside you and around you. This will allow you to listen to what you need and receive the guidance from within.


Accept your gifts

Lightworkers need to accept their differences and not see them as an issue or a sign of weirdness. Instead, they must appreciate the beautiful gifts the universe has sent them and learn how to master them. Only when you master your gifts, you will be empowered and able to work on your mission.

Also, the more you act on your uniqueness the more you will see other like-minded people align with you, thus allowing you to feel more connected and less lonely.


Work on your mission

Finally, this must be the most important thing you will take from this article. As a lightworker, you are here on a mission. Not only an individual mission of evolving in consciousness but also part of a collective mission of raising the planet’s frequency. Lightworkers and starseeds are on a mission to build a new Earth and help with the shift to 5D energy.

Unfortunately, many lightworkers have forgotten what they came here to do. It is part of the mission to remember. How do you remember? By following your passions. A lightworker’s mission is often connected to their passions. So, ask yourself, what do you really enjoy doing the most? What is that hobby or special skill that you always knew you had since childhood? What is that thing that really lights you up? Are you in the right job? (check out examples of lightworker jobs)

Many times, we suppress our passions because we think we are not supposed to follow them or that we will be judged by other people if we do. But you will only be able to be the best version of yourself and fulfill your mission if you are true to yourself.

By working on your mission, you will never feel alone. You will be surrounded by happiness and attract abundance into your life.


Remember, as a lightworker, you didn’t come here to suffer and feel lonely, no! You are never alone!  Your spirit guides, ancestors and guardian angels are always by your side supporting you in your journey and mission.

The bottom line is that the path won’t always look easy, and it might feel lonely sometimes, but it will be worth it.

So, to all the lightworkers around the world, it is time to shine bright!


Love and light x

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