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How often should you read tarot cards or get a tarot reading?

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If you love tarot readings, you might have asked yourself, at some point, how often should you get a tarot reading. Let’s face it – it’s easy to fall into the temptation of wanting to know about how things are shaping up after the previous tarot reading. For instance, you might consult the tarot cards over and over on the same topic, hoping that you’ll get the answer you have been desiring for so long. Especially when you are reading tarot for yourself, doing multiple tarot readings is very common.

So, is there a point when you cross the limits and are reading too much tarot?

How often should you get a tarot reading

Some tarot readings suggest that you should have one reading per month. Others believe that every 3 or 6 months is enough, so that you have time to act on the insights that you received. Every tarot reader will have their own answer to how frequently or infrequently you should get a reading.

But the thing is that when you get a lot of different tarot readings, you often end up with different messages and confusion as well. How do you know which is the right message at the end? You could end up confusing yourself to no end if you keep jumping from reading to reading.

Usually in a tarot reading you will get insights on your Past, Present and Future, therefore it makes sense to wait a while to see how what you have learned plays out in your life.  

After a reading it is important you take time to evaluate all the information you have received and put it in the current context of your life.

Remember that the tarot cards are only signposts along the way – they guide you and show you the possible directions to go towards.

You and the people around you have then free will to chose whatever they think it’s best.

A tarot reading might be a great first step towards realizing different options and what needs to be done in order to change something, but at the end, a reading won’t cause the shift to happen on its own. Only you can do that. You will have to take action and do the work. This work requires time.

You should not expect the cards to change and show growth if you haven’t “done the work” yet or if it’s too soon.

Also, in some cases, when one is too eager for a certain outcome, it is possible that one’s eagerness can lead to doing things that actually end up affecting the outcome negatively, although the cards’ prediction was positive. That’s why taking time and caution is a good idea.

However, there are some cases where taking immediate and constant action might be a good thing to do. For instance, in the case of a job search, you should probably keep on applying to various jobs as the right one will appear as a result of all these actions.

Therefore, depending on the sort of outcome you are expecting, and the sort of outcome that has been predicted in the tarot reading, you should use rational thought to decide whether it would be beneficial to take immediate action or wait and watch.

If after your tarot reading you’ve taken time to analyse the insights you have been given but still feel there are some issues you want further guidance with, then in that case, it might make sense to contact your tarot reader again or do your own tarot spread.  In this case you will have to be more specific with what you want from the reading. 

If you are trying to change a particular outcome and want to keep checking on your progress, then my personal rule of thumb is that you do it over a longer period of time, rather than a shorter period of time. Doing a reading everyday won’t help you that much and might even confuse you.

You could probably consult the tarot cards about once a month if you feel it is necessary or wait longer if you feel that would suit your purposes better. You will more likely see growth and progress since your initial reading.

Some people only need a check-in once or twice a year, and that works for them.

Anyway, it is well worth remembering you are in control of your own destiny, not the cards. Tarot readings should be used for guidance rather than something to rely on for direction in your everyday life.

Would you like it if the cards gave you detailed instructions and outcome for every single day of your life? How predictable and boring life would become? Think about it.

Then try to resist the temptation to read on a particular situation over and over again. Instead, focus on the Present moment and let go of the desire for any potential outcomes. You will realise how easier life becomes and what a powerful manifestor of abundance and joy you are!

Love and Light x

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