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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Yeiayel

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Who is Angel Yeiayel?

The guardian angel Yeiayel, also known as “God’s right hand”, offers you good fortune, recognition and fame. He can help you achieving glory and fame if you are feeling unrecognized. He will also support your business or trade in becoming successful. Angel Yeiayel will help you solve problems as well as bring you good fortune. Ask for his help to protect yourself from repression or schemes. He will make those around you more sincere.

Guardian Angel Yeiayel Planets

Saturn and Venus

Guardian Angel Yeiayel Element


Guardian Angel Yeiayel Zodiac Sign

Cancer: People born between July 7th and 11th

Guardian Angel Yeiayel Symbolism

Yeiayel is the Angel of:

  • Fame
  • Reputation
  • Business
  • Good fortune
  • Respect

Guardian Angel Yeiayel Powers

Angel Yeiayel can help you with:

  • Improving your finances
  • Becoming famous and being recognized
  • Being more diplomatic
  • Protection against repression
  • Protection against hypocrites and megalomaniacs
  • Protection against hardships and storms when traveling
  • Success in business and trade
  • Solving problems
  • Being kind and generous
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