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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Seheiah

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Who is Angel Seheiah?

The guardian angel Seheiah, also known as “ God who heals the sick”

This angel is linked to longevity and health. Ask for Seheiah’s help if you are dealing with disease or any health issues. He can bring in miraculous healing and recovery from very difficult health conditions. Just believe in the power of your thoughts and your prayers. Trust that the universe loves you and wants you to be healed and healthy to fulfill your mission. Call in Seheiah to give you the strength during this process and speed up your rehabilitation.

Seheiah can also help you live a happy and harmonious life by supporting you with keeping a healthy mind as well. He will give you the necessary wisdom to make the right choices when presented with life’s dilemas. Under Seheiah’s influence you will have good judgement powers and be able to take your time to analyse a situation in detail and assess all the potential risks before making any commitments or choices.

By avoiding just leaping at the first opportunity that presents to yourself, you will ensure a more sustainable success.

Indeed, Seheiah can help you with foresight and clairvoyance so you can predict things before they occur as he has great premonition powers.

He will then bring you the good luck and confidence to carry on with your projects and decisions with conviction after you make them.

He can help you develop your projects and face adversity or challenges that might come your way by staying calm and serene.

Finally, Seheiah can protect you from accidents or other types of disasters such as fires.

Guardian Angel Seheiah Planets

Jupiter and Mars


Guardian Angel Seheiah Element



Guardian Angel Seheiah Zodiac Sign

Leo: People born between August 7th and 12th


Guardian Angel Seheiah Symbolism

Seheiah is the Angel of:

  • Health
  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Good choices
  • Longevity
  • Serenity
  • Prudence


Guardian Angel Seheiah Powers

Angel Seheiah can help you with:

  • Healing from sickness
  • Happy longevity
  • Protection against accidents
  • Protection against fires
  • Analysis and caution in difficult situations
  • Avoiding risks
  • Making wise decisions
  • Foresight and clairvoyance
  • Staying calm
  • Conviction to move ahead with choices
  • Sustainable success




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