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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Hekamiah

May 30, 202151 second read

Who is Angel Hekamiah?

The guardian angel Hekamiah, also known as the “God who builds the universe”, symbolises loyalty, friendship and attachment. Hekamiah’s power can bring abundance in relationships, money, prestige, and social life.

Hekamiah is also the angel of social and political organizations and helps you to take on responsibilities of peacemaker and coordinator, as well as develop values of honesty and uprightness.

Ask for Hekamiah’s help if you want to become an ambassador, president or leader to practice the good and get loyalty from those around you.

Guardian Angel Hekamiah Planets

Uranus and Moon

Guardian Angel Hekamiah Element


Guardian Angel Hekamiah Zodiac Sign

Gemini : People born between June 6th and 10th  

Guardian Angel Hekamiah Symbolism

Hekamiah is the Angel of:

  • Loyalty
  • Attachment
  • Friendship
  • Uprightness

Guardian Angel Hekamiah Powers

Angel Hekamiah can help you with:

  • Behaving correctly and honestly
  • Sticking to your commitments
  • Becoming a leader
  • Developing relationships
  • Getting loyalty
  • Overseeing and resolving difficult situations
  • Being less arrogant, self-centred and overly ambitious
  • Avoiding putting others on a pedestal
  • Being responsible
  • Being honest
  • Gaining a positive reputation
  • Gaining wealth
  • Having a privileged life
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