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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Elemiah

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Who is Angel Elemiah?

Elemiah means “Hidden God”. This Guardian Angel helps with achieving success in any professional endeavor as well as becoming a natural leader and authority. It is the Angel of discovery, curiosity and travel. Elemiah can help with finding the best path for yourself and give you the inner strength to conquer your goals and overcome any hardship.

Guardian Angel Elemiah Planets

Neptune and Mars

Guardian Angel Elemiah Element


Guardian Angel Elemiah Zodiac Sign

Aries: People born between April 5th and 9th

Guardian Angel Elemiah Symbolism

Elemiah is the Angel of:

  • Work
  • Projects
  • Action
  • Creation
  • Inner strength
  • Courage
  • Natural authority

Guardian Angel Elemiah Powers

Angel Elemiah can help you with:

  • Making quick decisions
  • Taking action
  • Changing and transformation
  • Following your passion
  • Reaching success through action
  • Being brave during difficult situations
  • Regaining strength
  • Willingness to fight for what you believe in
  • Commiting to follow difficult paths
  • Discovering new paths
  • Professional success
  • Honoring commitments related to work
  • Avoiding pessimistic thoughts
  • Using your natural authority
  • Finding harmony with others during difficult times
  • Being fair and impartial
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